About This Event

St. Patrick’s Gateway Centre presenting Luka Bloom on Saturday 8th December at 8pm. Tickets are going for €20+booking fee at Luka Bloom tickets

For the last year, since October 2017, Luka Bloom has been travelling the world singing songs from REFUGE, his 21st record. Every record has it’s cycle. He is thrilled that as the REFUGE cycle begins to wind down, he is singing these and many other songs at home in Ireland at the end of November/early December.

He’ll be just home from Holland/Belgium, and rearing to go. Old and new songs with old and new friends in some of his favourite places in Ireland.
“Life is good. And I am blessed.” – Luka Bloom

Since he first sang in Geoff Power’s Bar in 1975, he has always enjoyed singing in Waterford. Other places he has sung in are T and H Doolins, Mullanes, various folk clubs, The Forum, The King’s, the Viking museum, and of course Garter Lane……Over 40 years of gigs.

He got a flash of the great festival on Tramore racecourse about 20 years ago with Ray Charles, Van, Christy and so many more. What a festival that was for him.

“Waterford is just cool. I always love the gigs there. We will have lots of songs in St Patrick’s Gateway, a good few stories, and a good old night for sure.” – Luka Bloom

Here’s what Luka has to say about his own music, and what others have said about him:

“The very embodiment of the folk singer, Luka Bloom has that deep sense of social justice with an uncanny ability to distil contemporary life into the pithiest and most alluring combinations of lyrics and melody lines. Last year’s album, Refuge, put a finger on the fractured nature of so much of what’s happening in our world today, from homelessness to war to climate change. His voice is still as open and honest as it was over 30 years ago, and his guitar finds chord combinations that are all his own. Passion, playfulness and pause for thought: a hearty combination in any gig.” – Siobhan Long, Irish Times. March 2018.


St Patrick's Gateway Centre Patrick Street, Waterford